Screen Protection
We have the most talented people in house that are ready to help protect your tablet and cell phone screens.
Why not go custom!
Color your device to match your favorite team, school or maybe just your style.
Simple Snap
A screen protector so simple, it's a SNAP! Simple, Quick and Durable. We are one of the only dealers around. Lifetime warranty too!
Welcome To Bulldog Cell Repair.

Dedicated to providing you great service in a relaxed atmosphere.

Shattered iPhone
Yep it was shattered and unusable. Bulldog Cell Repair to the rescue! Completely functional and like new!
Disappointed Gamer
Customer could not get his games to work until he brought his XBox into Bulldog Cell Repair! He's once again a happy gamer!
Protector of Screens
Bulldog believes in protection! Bring your device in and we can help protect your screen too.
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